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"We are probably one of the last generations of Homo Sapiens."

(Yuval Noah Harari)

A movement with no name

Rather quietly, practically totally outside mainstream media, a decentralized and diverse movement is seemingly forming from individual thinkers, a few organizations and alternative media outlets, mostly connected only by their underlying meta-goal:

Saving humanity from itself.

This page shall serve as a starting point for curious minds, listing the various communities this movement is condensing from - plus a range of related sources.

I, Marcus Gabler - and thus °MILLE PLATEAUX - subscribe to and support this movement of reason and empathy that is needed more than ever in light of disruptive tendencies and 21st century challenges such as:

  • post-truth politics/tendencies

  • rising inequality

  • dehumanization (eg. through social media, digital transformation)

  • exponential technology

  • unsustainability

  • etc.

There is a growing awareness that all man-made problems share systematic roots: A rivalrous economic system and inherited human behavior mismatching today's societal environment. Rather than viewing individual issues, this movement refers to the "Meta- Crisis" as the underlying problem. 


°MILLE PLATEAUX also is on the move - not only artistically and technologically, but also intellectually. I hope to contribute my share of critical thinking, stoicism, evolutionary psychology, moral objectivism and irrationality awareness (eg. cognitive biases, tribalism, hypergamy...) . Plus a healthy dose of pragmatism.

I am aware the shift to metamodernism means a breakup with °MILLE PLATEAUX's post-modern tradition, manifested even in our very name. But metamodernism is not anti-post-modernism, it is post-post-modernism, seeing a bigger picture than it's predecessors. And the 21st century needs applicable and relatable thinking more than rather abstract philosophy.


“Sense-making is about the exploration into what is real, and what is meaningful is bound to what is real.”
(Daniel Schmachtenberger) (Ken Wilber)

FutureThinkers (Youtube) (Website)

Game B (Facebook group) (Jamie Wheal)


"There have been many versions and nuances of the idea that there may in fact be an in­timate relationship between madness and civilization; that civ­ilization itself is bound to growing exi­sten­tial challenges and an escala­ting inner chaos: Marx’s alienation; Durkheim’s anomie; Weber’s iron cage and disenchantment; Fr­eud’s idea that civilization forces us to lock up sexual and aggr­essive urges, which leads us to lives of per­petual neurosis and dis­content; Fro­mm’s idea that technological pro­gress makes the sane soc­iety increa­singly difficult to achi­e­ve, which results in an escape from free­dom; Foucault’s idea that “madness” is itself an inven­tion of the mod­ern mind, the purpose of which is to sweep its own dark side under the rug (hence his 1964 book title Mad­ness and Civili­zation); Habermas’ fragmen­tation of life and coloni­zat­ion of the life­world by the “system”; Deleuze and Guatt­ari’s deterritorial­iz­ation; Sennett’s cor­rosion of charac­ter—and many others."
(Hanzi Freinacht: Madness and Civilization) ("What Is Metamodernism?) (Perspectiva)

“A general “law of least effort” applies to cognitive as well as physical exertion. The law asserts that if there are several ways of achieving the same goal, people will eventually gravitate to the least demanding course of action. In the economy of action, effort is a cost, and the acquisition of skill is driven by the balance of benefits and costs. Laziness is built deep into our nature.”
(Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow) (Spencer Greenberg)

CFAR (Gleb Tsipursky)


Critical Thinking /

Rationality Rules (YouTube)

Cosmic Skeptic (YouTube)

Modern Wisdom (YouTube) (Peter Limberg)

Cognitive Sciences

John Vervake (YouTube)

Robert Sapolsky (Stanford lectures, YouTube)

Bret Weinstein

Johnathan Haidt

Sam Harris

Gad Saad (YouTube)

Big Think (YouTube)

Existencial Risks

“Perhaps the most likely type of existential risks that could constitute a Great Filter are those that arise from technological discovery.  It is not farfetched to suppose that there might be some possible technology which is such that (a) virtually all sufficiently advanced civilizations eventually discover it and (b) its discovery leads almost universally to existential disaster. So where is the Great Filter? Behind us, or not behind us?”
(Nick Bostrom)

"Mankind is in all likelihood going to be an evolutionary dead-end. Hopefully understanding why this is the case, if done in time, can not only prevent this, but also allow us to reach undreamed-of prosperity."
(Hayekian: Why Mankind is Likely to be an Evolutionary Dead-End, 2018)

Macro Challenges (Xrisks directory)

Politics / Economics

Quadratic Voting (Wikipedia) (Ian Bremmer, global news newletter)

Artificial Superintelligence "The AI Revolution"

Nick Bostrom: Superintelligence (Book)

Lex Fridman (Podcast) (Newsletter)

Blockchain, Automation, Hypergamy, Climate Change, Tribalism, Neuroscience, Minimalism etc.

Coming soon...

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