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Marcus Gabler

Entrepreneur, Musician, DJ, Thinker


Just a very short introduction of myself. I will record a series of videos to tell about my story with °MILLE PLATEAUX, our releases, my mistakes, the following hiatus and more, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

I acquired the °MILLE PLATEAUX label in 2008, made quite a few releases in 2010 and 2011, but after that disappeared from the label (and most of the rest of the world) until 2021.


  • 1967 _ born in Frankfurt / Germany

  • 1983 _ started making music, early encounters with critical thinking and marxism in school

  • 1988 _ no. 2 chart hit in Germany as lead singer, composer and producer of the band OKAY

  • 1992 _ started occasional DJing

  • 1993 _ started selling used records/CDs on markets

  • 1995 _ started TOTAL RECALL (✝) music mail-order business and database application development

  • 1998 _ Dotcom startup (✝)

  • 2008 _ acquisition of the °MILLE PLATEAUX label

  • 2017 _ TOTAL RECALL Watches business started

  • 2018 _ TOTAL RECALL Music dissolved. Deeper philosophical and psychological explorations and writing started


  • OCEAN (Big Five) personality traits:
    Openness: 5/5
    Conscientiousness: 3/5
    Extraversion: 5/5
    Agreeableness: 4/5
    Neuroticism: 1/5

  • Attributes:
    Self-reflected, creative, outgoing, affectively and cognitively empathic, passionate, altruistic, fair, non-conforming...

  • Passions:
    Basketball, DJing, cooking (sichuan, thai, indian etc. cuisines), singing, psychology, logic, databases, real estate, crypto, music...

DJ / Music


DJ demo teasers
Space Lounge, Glitchmatazz, Emparty...

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