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The NFT Vision

Just like everybody had a smartphone only 10 years after it's invention, we believe soon everybody will have a crypto wallet with NFT assets - not only hodling art, but literally anything one can own, from a bus ticket to skyscraper property.

We have our music on Spotify, our videos on Netflix and our workspace in the cloud, 24/7/365. The inevitable gravitation of the convenience of having things at our disposal digitally will eventually draw all possible aspects of our lives into digital, so why not our dearest collectibles? There are crypto stamps and baseball cards already, and the tokenization of the real world is just about to start with services like


Currently, colleting crypto art is the biggest driver of NFT popularity. But at some point, more worldly applications like finance will become dominant - and in return boost collecting digital assets including crypto art. Just like it feels tedious for most of us to install a new browser or find a new dentist, there is an entry barrier of setting up a crypto wallet and coin exchange account. But once you're finally set up because you just had to do it for your car registration or a concert ticket, the door is open for finally checking out those flashy little punk pics you kept hearing about all those years.

People want to feel special. One way to achieve that is to own unique things - and to show them off. Crypto art collectors will make NFTs available visually in online galleries (much more sophisticated than the humble beginnings of Showtime) on home TV/screens (Samsung's "The Frame" TV was a start, Qonos a dedicated NFT solution), in- and outdoor wall displays and maybe even wearables/crypto fashion (just tripping here...). Probably, merely decorative visuals will become more popular than actual art though - think of the IKEA London bus, probably the most popular piece of functional 'art'.


While there is a whole range of issues around digital transformation (job displacement, social skills erosion, demunanization...), bringing art (which, let's face it, to many folks is still just something catching dust in a museum or millionaire's mansion) into millions of people's pockets finally seems like one of the few emotionally beneficial digital developments. That said, blockchain may not only democratize finance (to name only the most prominent industry), but also art. (BTW: $WHALE manages to combine both!).

Oh, and by the way: There are just over 21 million NFT assets (incl. non-art collectibles and utilities) on Opensea as of June 2021. Once there are 21 billions, those 21 millions will become sought after vintage crypto rarities, no matter how naive or crappy they may be.

We are currently developing our NFT setup. We are absolutely excited about bringing our  NFT crypto art visions to life - and we invite you to join us from day 1!

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