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We will be happy to review your music, audiovisual and art works.

We are literally open to any genre, as we strive to continuously diversify our portfolio.

Below list of projects will give you extra ideas on what we are looking for in particular at the moment.

Please use our Contact Page for submissions or to ask for an email address.


Ringtone NFTs
Small bites of sound art, of probably only 10-60 seconds length. Highly characteristic and distinguishable.

Think of them as the kind of ringtone an avid °MILLE PLATEAUX listener would like to have on his phone. You may want to check the short Intro and Outro tracks on Clicks And Cuts 5.0 as a reference. Or remember the iconic sound design in the movies AlienAliens or Oblivion.

The ringtones will be visually represented by a generative art reacting on the tone plus some cover art with identical layout features throughout the series (ringtone series logo, artist, title and ringtone serial number (eg. #071) for previews/thumbnails.
Edition size could be 100, plus 1 special premium edition including additional assets (eg. original music track, .wav files etc.) for auctioning.


It is to be discussed with the releasing marketplace if the asset will be unlockable (ie. only accessible by buyers) to protect 3rd party downloading.

Glitch Jazz

Electronica NuJazz vibes with a glitchy twist. Think of JazzMatazz on Crypto. :-). You can find a few examples on our Mixcloud demo. Even previously released material is welcome.

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